In 2015, Vasiliki Akriotou, an oenologist who has been working in a winery of Central Greece since 1997, decides to create her first line of wines, wanting to capture in them both her experience from the long-term observation of the vineyard of Central Greece and her view on her favorite grape varieties.

Thus emerges “Orivatis” (climbers in english), a series of wines whose name wants to “declare” the difficult path that one must follow to produce a high level of wine.



The three Orivatis wines, white, rose and red were created from the favorite varieties of Vasiliki Akriotou.

The white “Orivatis” from Savvatiano, gives the much-planted ancient Greek variety that evolves into a superstar, an earthy and robust dimension that surprises!

Rose “Orivatis” an expressive Syrah, pale pink and delicate with aromas of violet and fruit, and a subtle sweetness that wins the impressions.

As for the red “Orivatis” from Pinot Noir, a fresh tank wine with a screw cap, gives a Mediterranean light expression of its variety as exactly as its creator had imagined.


The privately owned small vineyard of ‘Orivatis’ ​​is located in the historic Plataea of ​​Viotia.

At the bottom of Mount Kithaironas and at an altitude of 280 to 380m. is located the privately owned family vineyard as well as the cooperating vineyards, which are supervised by Vasiliki Akriotou.

All vineyards have a north-northeast orientation and are located in an area characterized by cold and wet winters and cool summers.

The Greek varieties Savvatiano, Assyrtiko and Malagouzia are cultivated here and the French Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. Pinot Noir comes from a cooperating vineyard in the mountainous Aegialia at an altitude of 700 m.

The vineyards of Savvatiano with an age of 40 to 60 years and planted in the traditional way of planting (Cups). Their low yield of 600 to 800 Kg / acre is obvious in the final product.

The rest of the vineyards are younger with an age of 10 to 12 years and their acreage yields range between 900 to 1200Kg / acre.


At the beginning of 2017, the small winery of Akriotou Wines was created in an old warehouse on the edge of Plataea.

The small interior of the winery houses small stainless steel tanks which ensure quality micro-wines per variety.

At the beginning of 2018, the visitable part of the winery started and is in progress, as well as the final configuration of all the outdoor areas, so that future visitors can enjoy not only the delicious tastings of the wines but also the wonderful view of the historical sites of the area.

Orivatis Old Vine Savatiano
A vineyard that is more than half a century old gives a rare wine with intense formality!
Orivatis Wild yeast / unfiltered
The old Savvatiano vines give a special wine that is fermented with wild yeasts and bottled unfiltered, thus maintaining all the formality of the Greek variety.
Orivatis Rose
A delikate rosé wine that can be enjoyed with a light meal or as an aperitif but never just a glass …
The Hermit White
An award-winning wine, a blend of Greek varieties that stands out both for its full body and for its ideal balance.
Orivatis Pinot Noir
A “fresh” red, a fine variety ideally adapted to the Greek climate.
The Hermit Rose
A balanced rosé wine with a rich bouquet of red fruits and white flowers.
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